“I can hear Chart’s soul in his sound and truth in his tone.”
— Jazz Press

Review: Justin Chart: Keep The Blue

By Hrayr Attarian

With Keep the Blue Chart, once again, has delivered a captivating album in his unique style. In addition to a wealth of melodic ideas, the music here crackles with an electrifying mood and demonstrates seamless group synergy. Keep the Blue is a high point in Chart’s uniformly superb career.

The New Album

From Universal Music Group 


Something New and Beautiful is on its Way!

The artistic journey is about connecting with something inward that is universal. I source my melodies from my emotions. I give the best in the moment, that’s the best it can be, being able to share it, ,and my self-expression creates a profound connection between myself, the band and the audience. 

Only a story worth telling. 

The best work is nearly inexhaustible, it withstands experiencing again and again. This record does. Only a story worth telling. It’s in the way I see the world. 

The new record from Universal Music Group


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