“There is shimmering futurism in the way Chart can wrap you in cloak of warm velvet when he wants to.”

— Cadence Jazz Magazine



Universal Music Group

The Art of the Moment: Justin Chart’s “Today’s Tomorrow” Documents a Live Masterpiece 

Los Angeles, CA (April 4, 2024):  

Electrifying alto saxophonist Justin Chart unveils his most daring project yet, “Today’s Tomorrow,” available now from Universal Music Group. This isn’t just a recording; it’s a front-row seat to the birth of a masterpiece. Witness the magic unfold as Justin and his band embark on a journey of spontaneous musical exploration in real-time. Feel the power of improvisation at its finest on “Today’s Tomorrow.” Be there as Justin and his band take you on an unforgettable musical odyssey, pushing the boundaries of jazz like never before. Co- Produced by Gary Gray, award-winning Billboard charting engineer. 



Universal Music Group

Justin Chart’s latest album RIGHT ON! is a powerful live Jazz album with a New Jack Swing vibe. Right On! is more than just an album of songs, they are sonic journeys, rhythmically propulsive, spontaneous, and full of passion with an unrelenting drive. The techniques it employs can suspend time for the listener with its pure Improvisation. Flavored with compelling grooves, sparingly and seductively the quintet opts for the power of space instead, allowing for atmosphere and anticipation to do the work for them.  The performances, all of which are first takes, do not contain any editing, just very intuitive playing, and yet the themes, chord changes, and tight interaction would make one think that the music was part of the musicians’ repertoire. You’ll experience limitless creativity, unequivocal virtuosity and a dynamic sense of swing. Its hidden depths reveal something new and rewarding each time you play it, just as music should do.  Right On! is a force of nature by world class artists.


Universal Music Group

PROSPER is a beautiful connection of mood and melody, ranging from shivery melodious Jazz to hard-bop and swing. This is music of the night. The quintet plays beautifully and fills your ears with great grooves and hot riffs in this modern-day speakeasy. I can imagine the martini’s being stirred, men shooting their cuffs, and ladies dressed to the nines. There is a spine-tingling expectation in this scenario where the album Prosper is the soundtrack. All are in the moment, eloquently and elegantly as it evokes all the energy and attitude that the live shows are all about.