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The whole album is infused with a spirit of energy that is just compelling. Chart’s alto sax solos in the first track, A Blaze of Well Being, are overwhelmingly great.. As the sax solos become more advanced and virtuoso, so the excitement mounts. The title of A Rose Tinted Realm certainly made me smile; this sax song animated by pizzicato walking bass includes the most brilliant solo from Chart, compelling in its rhythmic play and the perfect crown for the song.

Nothing can prepare one for Chart’s vocals in Lettin’ Go, though. They launch the track, unaccompanied, and are greeted by justified applause and a gutsy “thank you” before a high-hat cymbal animates the instrumental section. This is ingenious: Chart returns, solo again, and perhaps the final touch of genius is to have the band provide the final low note of his solo as a bridge. A soulful The Tale Was Told, Chart’s alto sax highly expressive in its upper registers (Bill Markus adding a superb bass solo).